My nicu story of how my daughter was born (former nicu mom)

Monday, Jan 15th, 2018

I went to the hospital to get my ultrasound done to find out what I was having which happened to be a girl just what I wanted. Very exciting right then right after I found that out. I also found out that I was 2 cm dilated at 23 weeks and 2 days. So that left me in tears I was so happy and then ended with tears in my eyes because I didnt know what to do or expect.

So the doctor who informed me on that sent me downtown to the hospital to high risk to see what was going on. I went downtown and was in triage on the labor and delievery floor for about 2 hours they confirmed that i was dilated but since I was not having any contractions or pain they let me go home.

That following sat which was

Sat, jan 20th 2018

I started having cramping and i know tmi but my vagina was really sore. I wanted to go to the hospital but was too scared untill I had a few friends and my brother talked me into going. I then went to a hospital close to my apartment amd ended up keeping me and then transferring me to another hospital which was downtown because i was still early in my pregnancy and they didn’t have high risk doctors. I ended up staying the weekend there because i was having ealry contractions but it stopped so i got sent up the following Monday.

Then finally weds night I was sleeping amd woke up to really bad back pain I mean it was worst then period cramps it was coming and going up untill Thursday morning then I had to go back to the hospital again I was in early labor I was given steriod shots for baby’s lungs, magnesium sulfate and pills to stop my contractions they then checked my cervix and seen that I dilated more so they sent me downtown again to the other hospital. The next couple of days I stayed there and since I was taking all of those meds my labor stopped so I was gonna get discharged that following monday. Saturday afternoon they gave me my last contraction pill since everything was going good. I was so happy that it was almost monday because I was ready to go home. Saturday evening starting having pain in my back again and this time it was really strong and painful it was coming and going and getting stonger so I called for my nurse to tell her what was going on so she had the doctor come in to check me about 11:30 at night and she said that i was in labor I dilated more and she felt my water bag. So she told the nurse and they got more doctors they took me downstairs to active labor and delivery floor did an ultrasound to see if she was head down she wasn’t so I had to get an emergency csection. They rushed me to the operation room gave me my epidural and other meds and then it happened I was getting cut and having the baby. At 25 weeks and 1 day Isabella Rose Jones was born at 1 lb and 11 oz at 3:55 am on Jan 28th 2018. She was rushed out of room and straight to the nicu where she is now. Everything happened so fast im still in disbelief. She is days old and is doing good she is breathing on her own only needs 33% of oxygen. She is a fighter its gonna be a long journey in the nicu im just hoping staying positive her it was so hard not being able to hold her and bond with her I cant wait till that day comes. Just got discharged today I miss her already.