A storm of betrayal (written Jan. 28th. 2015)

When it rains it pours for real, but when it storms, It Storms Of Betrayal. I will never understand the definition of a man, the definition of a father who caresses his own daughter, pure innocence cradle robbed at only 8 years old, the storm in her eyes is full of betrayal and full of hate,you promised to protect her from all the ghost and monsters, instead of protecting you chose to grope and grind her, telling her you love her and she’s better then her mother, beating on her brother while your tearing down her mother, across her heart lyes a scar, a scar of pain, hurt and lonely cries, every time she sleeps all you hear is whispers and cries, tossing and turning trying to push you of off her, she’s crying “oh no” but your steady forcing her, the look in her eyes is a storm of betrayal , a father protects not neglect, a father is amused and cheerful by the look of His beautiful daughter, he doesn’t abuse and abandon the trust and hope of his daughter. A storm of betrayal