Life within a princess warrior

I never thought that I would have made it this far in life. Over the past years I’ve been through war within my heart and life, as a warrior I still carry the scars of a warrior, tears of a goddess and endless wars within my life, falling in love and falling apart, I use to run and dive into the ocean filled with my tears and pain, inside my head my soul use to fear. I overcame that , I grew wiser and stronger. I’ve became someone I never knew I could become, I thought my life was over. But it wasn’t I was just in war within my life . I made it out happy and strong. A princess warrior of life is what I have become. I want to thank my mom for showing me that although you’ve been through a war you can get through it and become a strong and wise person tell your story to the world and help change someone else’s life, without my mom I wouldn’t have made it through .. Life within a princess warrior