Ex Love Letter

Our last song,our last touch,the last time that we kissed,we made love for the last time,been two years since i thought about it,but it feels like it was just yesterday,i loved you not i loved you so,you promised me you’ll never let me go,i see promises dont seem to last forever,thats why im sitting here writing up this ex love letter,but truth be told im finally over you,yes it took some time,but i can proudly say it,that i feel free like i can love again my heart is beating faster ,its a little colder,my smile is brighter,im me again, and i just want you to know that you will always have a place somewhere in my heart,and i want to thank you for hurting me,causing all this pain and making me cry because not only did you make me a better and happier person,you made me realize that i deserve so much better.