When I close my eyes!

When I close my eyes, I see this little bright brown eyed girl, she’s crying hard laying in a well, the sky is dark and the rain is pouring, wind is blowing there’s branches and stones lying across her heart. As I’m looking right at her she’s staring at me wiping the rain and tears from her bright eyes. I asked “who are you?” She didn’t reply instead she gives me a scary and hurtful look. She then gets up and run through the forest, I scream “wait” she turns around and signal me to follow her with her hands. As I follow her I start to see the sun, a rainbow and a waterfall. We both look at each other smiling with happy tears in our eyes. She hugs me laugh and run away as I look around I notice rabbits, deer, and butterflies coming by me happy and smiling. The reason I’m telling this story is because when your down and out gods spirit will always be there to lift you up no matter what and I realized that little girl that I will always see when I meditate and close my eyes was me she was showing me that I’m strong enough to make it even if I fall into the darkness I can always get up and find that rainbow.