What’s your inspiration in life?

People have many different ways and inspirations that inspired them to do what they do today,rather it’s a career,hobby,ECT. I have many different inspirations that allow me to my stories,share poetry and memories with people. Things that I’ve been through in life and just everyday life inspires me to be a better and stronger person,to show the world that that what hurt you will not break you. I have A passion for caring and making people happy, I can relate to almost anything thing if it’s not something I’ve experienced it’s something I watched somebody else experience. Certain people I never had in my life as far as some family and friends makes me wanna be that person no one ever had due to the fact that I know how it feel not to have anyone like that. Anyone to talk to about different things. That’s what inspire me to be a better person to help everyone. I feel like my purpose of being here on this planet is to help people, give someone a home,food,protection ECT if and when they need it. That’s my job that’s my future and present. And that is why I’m here to give that to people,brighten up that person’s day who never seen to smile that right there is what inspired me to be me. If I can make a person happy or smile everyday then that’s well worth more then anything not even a million bucks will make me more happier then to put a smile on someone’s face. That’s my inspiration. What is yours?