Afternoon talk!!

So I was web surfing last Night when I got back home because I couldn’t fall asleep and I met this girl won’t say any names because of realibility but I viewed her profile she was already one of my followers. Anywho I viewed her profile and I came across one of her posts saying I quote ” I’m more than grateful for the life I live. My parents been very supportive of me. They have always told me being different is good and that you can my only be the best version of yourself. Not many 20 year olds get to travel around the country doing what they love the most” I reached out to breast night asking how do you do what you do? I mean she was working a full time job with benefits, paying bills and ECT. But she felt as if she was really happy I mean she was grateful but it just wasn’t her. So she decided to leave everything and become what she is today a free spirit, hippie girl, who travels in a rv/van and go to festivals help people for free and live life her way. She inspired me to do better to do something I love. She choose to live a different life not the typical American dream where you go to college get a degree have a family and retire. She actually thought about what she really wanted didn’t let anyone stand in her way and achieved it. And still doing so, helping inspire people who are different to get out there and do what you really want not what someone else want you to do. I will be writing more about her and how she actually became what she is today. And that’s it. Have a lovely day my free spirit hippies love you all. ☮☮☮💓💓💓😀😀😀