Miss poisonous flame

See the beauty within the flames

Is what had made me

The beauty within the flames

Is what had saved me

The weight on my shoulders

Is like the size of our planet

The cuts on my wrist

Was a sign, I was damaged

A dagger straight to the heart

And a spear to my side

I was seeking the truth

I was sick of the lies

A dove descended

and landed on my head as I died

Something told me to open my eyes

I was blinded by the brightness

And a little surprised

The poisonous flame

Was right before my eyes

She was beautiful

Her skin was ebony and bronze

Her voice was so soft

It literally made doves cry

The look in her eyes

Was so pure and Devine

The way

She spoke of me

Had me so mesmerized

The beauty within the flame

Is what had made me

She bathed me

And she raised me

But I refuse to let her enslave me

I thank she

Who saved me

Who graced me

She refused to replace me

My demons

Still chase me

But cannot out race me

Her flames set me a blaze

Until I was nothing but ashes

They whipped me

And Ive always bared the lashes

She burned in me empathy and compassion

Lit the fire of my passion

And drove me into action

Made me greater by the subtraction

So I love the poisonous flame

For breaking me down

And I praise her

For building me back up

From the ground

She is I

The poisonous flame

Within my pride

Deep down


She still cries.