No one ever told us!

No ever taught us the real of growing up
We always thought that going to college getting good jobs and being married was only just enough . They never told us about heartbreaks and heartaches
Or false dates and race hates
Or even the fact that we live in the United States and it wasn’t really great.
I’ve dealt with family fates
And colored hates
They never opened the gates beyond this way
I’ve lived my life full of pain
Feet was shackled and locked in chains
I bleed blue inside my veins
I look in the mirror
And see these flames
Transcending in me I feel the rage
I climb to the top escaped this cage
Experienced this life
I’m so engaged
To all the fucking lies
You had to stage
Turn the page
Now I’m onstage
I call the claim
this is my life
Now I’m switching lanes