Memories within Memories…

Memories within memories, I close my eyes and enjoy the breeze. It’s just a tease ,controlling me ,it’s just a tease that shouldn’t be ,it’s deeper then the golden sea ,it’s deeper then our souls to keep. I be so deep ,I be the sheep ,my mind so steep it’s killing me . I swam through the ocean And rose from the gardens. I found my way home ,I found my way home, away from the dozens of people who hurt me, oppressed and desert me, the ones who disturbed me.
Sacrificed, then lost my kindness
Life’s been terrifying
All the testifying and the fucking lying
I’ve been out here dying
Mentally ,endlessly
There was a time
I thought that I was striving
But I was slowly dying
Now I’m sitting here crying
I was trying, overdosed on pills
Feelings was oh so deep
Body numb I wasn’t geeked
my mind was gone
It was bleeding ink so I wrote this poem
In the ocean Sailing my way
Back home. Memories within memories open your eyes it’s just a dream.