Emotional, emotionless
Between the two
I’m done with this
Sometimes I’m good
Sometimes I’m pissed
My ego is
Beyond this shit
If I could run
On miles lit
I would be gone
Withdrawn and split
For all my folks
I quit the tricks
If I be gone
I missed my fix
I never ran with
Ticks and cliques
In my own mind
I own this shit
I close my eyes and reminisce
There was a time
I miss The diss
I miss your kiss
I’m missing this
Why I’m so blind
To all the lies
I testify
I lift the veil
Beneath your eyes
You see despise and
All the cries
I wonder why
I even try
When I look up I’m pretty high
Over the crowed
I’m feeling fine
This tree of mine
I let it shine
My life I climb
I did no crime
Now I’m the prime
My time to rise
Emotion wise and Beautiful sighs
I won the prize
The prize of life
The prize of joy
The prize to live
The price it right
I’m here to fight
With all my might
I am the knight