Broken Clocks And Wild Thoughts!

As times were getting rough

She stood up high.

And didn’t let anyone

Get in her way.

She’s been through worst

But she knew, she knew

On this journey.

That she would have to walk alone someday.

Warriors go through so much pain and hurt,

But at the end they remain strong and humble.

And she the warrior Bruja knew exactly what she had to do to strive and win her battles.

The question of faith Is such A Good taste But could it be a waste. If she did not continue to chase and find her purpose. Her purpose of life, her purpose of freedom.

Her wanderlust soul can be cold as snow, but she would never be souled. As her energy can burn like the open flame of pain. She tries to regain her name not for fame but to remain and claim her legacy that was once taken away and to contain the rain of tears that followed her for years. Years of fear once made her disappear, disappear into the darkness where she found herself deep within her soul.

She knows, who she is. She know who she once was. Her true spirit, her true calling has never fallen.

She’s a spirit from another time zone, that once had her times wrong.