Her Words Pt.1

Self expression

Is my reflection

Never thought

That I would still

Fight oppression

Minority I see

She would not

Be defeated

The scars

That she wear

And the wounds

That she carries

As she inspires

The world

With her

Raw, honest words

She’s the voice

Of the people

The voice of the fear

The voice of someone

Who was once

Here in tears

Take a dip

Into my womaness

She has no fear

Only strong minded women(people)

Can understand

This here

There was a time in my life

Where I thought

I was drowning

Took a look at my reflection

Yea my thoughts

Had me clowning

Realized, I was the wave

Saved myself

I’m the doctor

I don’t contemplate

I meditate

Out of place

Out in space

Wide awake

My fears

Of falling

Was my mistake