MyThoughts/Perspective On Spirituality

Slaving and paving this world is just ment for racing

Without a spiritually-inclined mind, you cannot have devotion/dedication toward spirituality.

Without devotion/dedication toward spirituality, there is no spiritual meditation.

Without spiritual meditation, there are no spiritual experiences that will ultimately lead to Self-realization.

We need to learn how to keep an open mind, accept that everyone is different, we all come from different cultures and faiths. We need to learn to share and value each other’s experiences. We need to take time to listen, feel, share and be heard. If we do this we can make this world so much better.

I don’t make plans cause they fall through

People make promises

That can fall through

Tell you one thing

Then they turn on you

All I ever wanted

Was the honest truth

Nothing been realer

Then my attitude

Seen broken mirrors

And reflections too

Sometimes I don’t know

What to say or do

Don’t judge me

I’m still learning

On this journey too