Heart filled Words From Me To You!

My heart beats,

slowly for you

I just want you close,

close to my heart

Cause I think that I,

Am Falling for your love,

Your imperfections,

our deep connections

Makes the sadness disappear,

Sorta like magic

Never thought that I would fall this hard,

When I fall,

would you catch me or let me shatter in pieces

When I cry would you swim in my ocean of tears to save me,

or would you let me drown

They say “the grass is greener on the other side” would you leave,

or would you stay and sacrifice.

They say love is just a feeling

But the roots are deeper then that.

My heart beats for you

When you rub on my back

I melt instantly

You bring apart of me out

I have never seen in me

Is it your bright smile

Or those brown eyes

Is it the thoughts that you tell me

Real late at night

Is it the way you listen to me

Even when I’m wrong

Yea we fuss and fight

But I’m your queen though

And your king

You’re the only one I lean on

Your heartbeat,

Do it beat for me?

I mean Miami wouldn’t be great

Without the heat

What we have here

Is something you can’t see

We can only feel that’s how I know it’s deep.