Perceptions Of A Woman!

I could not choose between these two images so I decided to write and analyze both. My assumptions for both images have there differences as well as similarities. Both images are of two women, not just any women. Each photo have its own uniqueness about them, in the first photo there is a woman and her child. What comes to mind when I look at this photo is that I see a mother and her child, the mom is crying you can tell that she is going through some tough times. She has tears and pain in her eyes, but she also has a smile on her face because as you can see the baby is drying her tears. And that symbolizes a lot to me especially as being a mom, let alone a single mom. I feel like this photo is representing that no matter what you have to be strong for your child and that your child will always be there for you the most even if you feel like everything is wrong. I noticed that this photo does have some classism in it, she looks as if she could be a single mother as well as she is a minority. If anyone else just glanced at this photo they would see her as a mother just being stressed and tired but if you actually observe it’s more to it.

Now for the second photo there is a woman of color with bruises on her back, to some people it may look like she was abused especially from the bruise that’s on her face, but when I observed the photo my assumptions are different. You see if you look more closely she is putting on a Wonder Woman suit and she has the cuff around her arm. In my eyes I feel that this photo represents a woman who has taken so much pain, heartache and ect but despite that, she is still able to pick herself up and save the world. She’s been knocked down but she is not letting that stop her she’s still able to get up stay strong and keeping fighting. This photo has very strong symbolism. I know that things aren’t always what they seem. You have to observe carefully and be able to look deeper within. It gives us a deeper understanding.

This beautiful photo was found online, I am only using for entertainment purposes.
This amazing and unique photo was found online, only using for entertainment purposes!